FitDiva Deck of Cards

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Play your way to a fun-filled sweat-session with your own FitDiva Deck.  The deck has 52 cards and over 100 different combinations of reps and moves that require no equipment, no gyms and can be done anywhere! Work out on the road, in your home, at the park....anywhere!  The deck includes an instruction booklet. Weights can be added for a more challenging workout, but are not required to feel the burn!


Several ways to play your way through a workout:

  1.  Timed Workout: Set a timer and flip through as many moves as you can. Increase your time each week for a bigger, better burn!

  2. Beat the Clock: Start your stopwatch and see how long it takes to get through the entire deck. Try to beat your time every time you play!

  3. Increased Intensity:  Add weights or an exercise ball to the moves to increase your intensity. 

  4. Group Sweat:  Grab a friend or two and work out together. Keep each other motivated by having a weekly diva deck workout date! 

  5.  Do the 60 Day No Excuses Plan!  Check out our exclusive 60 Day No Excuses Plan created exclusively for use with the Fit Diva Deck!  60 Day of Full Body workouts designed to get maximum results in just 2 months!