A lifetime of experience

The FitDiva Deck was created and trademarked by Laura DalSanto of Bella Diva Fitness.  Laura has spent more than 15 years actively working in the health and fitness industry.  She carries numerous certifications and specialty trainings and spends her time empowering, training and teaching women of all shapes and sizes how to reveal their inner diva!  

Filling the need for fulfilling workout...in 20-30 minutes. 

In working with businesswomen, teens, moms and other busy women on their commitments to living a healthy life, Laura noticed a need for something new! Her motto for when you're having an "off" day is that 20 minutes is still better than no minutes.  And that is the idea behind the FitDiva Deck!  Its for those days when you just dont want to go to the gym, or you're stuck traveling for work, or you're just too darn busy but only have 20-30 minutes and you want to make it count! 

Hungry for more?

By adding modifications and challenges to the deck, Laura has customized the fitness experience for beginners through advanced. 

Looking for some great fit tips, recipes or more?  

Visit Laura on her training site at http://www.belladivafitness.com for more!