Never have the same workout twice with Fit Diva Decks from Bella Diva Fitness!

Our flagship product, the original FitDiva Deck, is targeted to give women of all fitness levels a killer, full-body sweat session without needing a single piece of equipment.  Additional decks to target core, upper body, lower body and core coming soon!

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"I wanted to develop a way for women to get in a good workout, even if they were short on time, hate the intimidating gym atmosphere or don't have expensive equipment. FitDiva Deck is all of that. In one small package that packs a punch."

Laura DalSanto, Founder of FitDecks by Bella Diva Fitness

"This is my go-to workout at least twice a week when I only have limited time but want maximum burn!"

Peggy W.

This deck is so fun because you don't know what will turn up next. I'm never bored and 30 minutes just fly by and all of a sudden I'm sweating, my heart is pounding and I'm realizing I'm actually having fun working out!"

Sarah T.

"I started doing this with my daughter because we both said we needed to add some more cardio to our workouts. We love doing it together and have fun trying to beat our previous time each time we do it."

Rebecca & Ally R.

Sweat-worthy Wears

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